the toolkit

It is planned that from 2002 the music recognition software will be available as a toolkit allowing 3rd party software houses to easily incorporate music recognition to their applications.

This is a no fuss solution requiring no additional complicated GUI but will be a component that takes an image, applies the processing and gives the output. The process will be fully automatic requiring no user feedback at any stage.

If you do wish to allow a GUI to enable the music to be edited or corrected, that is great. Your software can give the level of flexibility and complexity required without the need to contend with a second GUI, compromising your look-and-feel that you've taken so much care to achieve.

Written in C++ the toolkit will be tailored as necessary to your needs and the most popular forms will almost certainly be as a DLL or COM object. This will allow it to interface with code written in any language supporting these common interfaces including C/C++, Visual Basic and Java.

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