MusicXML as created by Michael Good at Recordare is used for the recognition output for the following reasons:

For more details see Recordare's web site but, in summary, MusicXML allows most music information to be stored excluding some typographical information.

This allows all information relating to how the music is heard to be specified, in addition to other information such as which notes are applicable to which voice. The complexity of music that can be defined, and has been demonstrated within by the converter, is remarkable given its accessibility and as such is far more advanced than the needs demanded by current music recognition software.

The MusicXML converter Dolet from Recordare allows MusicXML to be imported (and exported) to Finale by Coda Music Technology. Dolet, that has been created as a plug-in for Finale, is easy to use and is included in its Lite form in the latest version of Finale.

Middle C Software was involved during the testing of the alpha and beta versions of Dolet and it has been a pleasure to be associated with Recordare.